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A few years ago my body began to warn me that the pace and stress of life and ministry was catching up to me.

After a missed diagnosis and many doses of antibiotics which compromised my gut and my nervous system, leading to little sleep for months, my body finally shut down and left me unable to function. For two months I lay on the couch in physical pain, emotional dread, and spiritual confusion wondering if I would die or ever live a normal life again.

Although I’m thankful for modern medicine, it was one daily decision that began to turn the tide on my condition: daily declarations!

They started small and with little conviction, including statements like “I will live and not die” and “I will be healthy again”. As I spoke these over myself daily, I began to have a glimmer of hope. So I added more, “I will sleep 8 hours”, “I will travel and vacation again”, and “I will be a strong leader once again”. Over the course of a month I wrote two pages of declarations that I said every day. Each day I found myself moving from despair to a hope-filled future. Words on a page became life and they began to create my future.

In Genesis, God takes a man named Abram - whose name means exalted father, which was difficult enough because he had no children - and changes his name to Abraham which means father of multitudes. Every time someone spoke his name they declared “Abraham you are a father of multitudes” and yet he had no children! But God was faithful and he and Sarah bore a son Issac and through Abraham nations were born!

So what are you declaring over yourself regularly?

Proverbs 18:21 says life and death are in the power of the tongue! What are you speaking over yourself, your children, your job or business, your bosses and leaders? Our words are not powerless but they truly contain the seeds of hope and life.

The year 2024 has not been written yet. Our words will become the seedbed for our victory! What will you declare? For Ascent I believe the best is yet to come! The Apostolic training centre that has been prophesied over and over again with miracles and signs and wonders happening on a regular basis is just getting started!

Declarations: It is key to say them out loud with expression.

I declare world changers and solutionaries are being raised-up in this house!

I declare mighty ones coming out of Ascent will shape Canada and the nations!

I declare our future is bright, our vision is strong, and our people are powerful in Christ !

May your words bring life and hope to those around you in 2024.

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1. Pick one of the Postcards. 2. Ask Holy Spirit who this is for? 3. Look at the card and ask Holy Spirit for a prophetic word (from God's heart) or a word of encouragement for them (from your heart). 4. Right click on the image, download to your pictures. 5. Text or email the picture to them with your word. 



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