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The Devo:

“The Lord’s delight is in those who fear him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love.”

Psalms 147:11 NLT

When I moved my family to Windsor, we were looking for a place to live. I met someone who knew of a vacant house that was available for a couple weeks while we looked for something permanent. After a couple days of staying at this house, I noticed my family started to seem depressed and heavy. There was a feeling of lethargy and sadness. Even the pictures on the walls seemed sad. One night after dinner, I gathered my family in the living room for a time of worship. We only spent an hour worshipping Jesus, but afterwards, there was a definite change in everyone’s countenance. For the rest of the time that we were in that house, the atmosphere was full of peace.

“The Lord always keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does. " click link for passage Psalms 145:13-21 NLT

Questions to ponder:

  1. What is your response to a crisis? 
    • Fight: facing any perceived threat aggressively.
    • Flight: running away from danger.
    • Freeze: unable to move or act against a threat.
    • Fawn: immediately acting to try to please to avoid any conflict.
    • Can I offer you another word, Father.  To turn to God in worship.
  2. What do you do when the atmosphere in the room is not peaceful?
    • are you a thermomter, matching and broadcasting the atmosphere
    • or are you a thermostate. changing the temperature in the room by choice.


For many of us, it is natural to find out what is wrong and try to fix the situation.     What if our first response was to worship?

To turn to Jesus? Not necessarily praying about the issue (although that’s never a bad idea), but stopping to focus on Jesus our Saviour. Jesus our deliverer. Jesus our safe place. Jesus our King.

What are you dealing with right now? What is overwhelming you today?

Let me encourage you to take some time to worship Jesus first. Find songs to play that speak of His greatness, His majesty, and his glory. And watch him bring you peace and maybe even answers to your circumstance.

Declarations:  Today,  I will not allow myself to become like a thermometer, effected by what's around me. I will be a thermostat, setting the atmosphere everywhere I go. Filling it with Faith and Hope and so much Joy.

 Prophetic Postcards: Category=Send this to a Church friend

1. Pick one of the Postcards. 2. Ask Holy Spirit who this is for? 3. Look at the card and ask Holy Spirit for a prophetic word (from God's heart) or a word of encouragement for them (from your heart). 4. Right click on the image, download to your pictures. 5. Text or email the picture to them with your word. 

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Prayer Video (1 min): Find a quiet place and receive. 

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